The World’s First Plantsters Page

The World’s First Plantsters Page

Plantsters: The Definitive 80’s Toy Greenhouse

When I was a kid I had this toy called Plantsters™... Somehow, this toy  has no representation  'on the net' therefore I decided to buy a Plantsters™ Toy Set and create one. As described by a fellow Plantsters™ seeker (Bud) online...

Plansters was basically a kid gardening kit. It came with a plastic leaf that you put water in. You took the seeds and placed them on these little flotation frogs that sat in the water making the seeds touch the waters surface. After a few weeks the seeds sprouted roots then you transfered them over to this top soil and minituare flower pot to continue growing.

That guy and I can't be the only one with fond memories of this plastic greenhouse and hopefully someone out has more information on the toy or a box they can scan, etc. I'll be adding some photos of this toy 'in action' shortly! If you have any fond (or horrible even) Plantsters™ memories... please send me an email to: claude.speed (at)

 I believe this toy was marketed in 1988 by LJN Toys, you can read about them here: 


The Set I have included 6 types of seeds (In case you want to re-live the plantsters experience)  The seed packets were:

- Marigold
- Cucumber
- Sunflower
- Radish
- Cosmos
- Zinnia

I think the set I have has less "fun" seed packets because when I was a kid the seeds had cartoons on them. The seeds came from Burpee™ which is actually a well respected seed stock house. You can visit their site here:

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